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Pre-Fall Favorites

The Pre-Fall showings have been surprisingly fruitful this season, so much so that I had to dedicate a post to them.

Stella McCartney

Those two perfect little suits are what originally spawned this post. They are so sharp but the micro mini length makes them downright sexy, I’ll be damned if that Gwyneth Paltrow beats me to these…


Celine is unsurprisingly flawless and awe-inducing as always. Those furs are next level furs.

Nina Ricci

What girl wouldn’t want to wear these delightful dresses? In particular, the perfect pale pink numbers are fit for a princess.

The Row

Again, the furs! The red fox will haunt my dreams…

Giambattista Valli

An open letter to Giambattista Valli:
I have so many occasions for which only these looks would do…



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Stella 2003

Photo: Mary McCartney-Donald

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Revisiting Stella, Fall 2010

While re-browsing through the (rather uninspiring) current collections, I somehow ended up back in fall 2010. The Stella McCartney fall 2010 collection in particular caught my eye. I think that I disregarded it the first time around, which I often do with Stella… it’s never quite been my bag. These pieces are the exception, I find them devastatingly chic, enjoy.



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