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Currently Channeling: Lyn Revson

The end all be all, chicest of the chic. This is how it’s done.



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Currently Channeling: Gloria Guinness

“Chic? It is absolutely innate – I was born with it. Chic cannot be taught.” – Gloria Guinness

Once referred to as “The Ultimate” by Women’s Wear Daily, Gloria Guiness Mexican-born socialite and wife of Loel serves as my inspiration for today.


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Currently Channeling: Lee Radziwill

Jackie O.’s infamously chic little sister.


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An Ode to Babe Paley

Miss Babe Paley, legendary style icon and socialite, has always been one of my greatest influences. Babe’s grace and elegance led her to be referred to by Truman Capote as one of his “swans” and described her as so, “Babe Paley only had one fault. She was perfect. Otherwise, she was perfect.”



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