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Currently Channeling: Lyn Revson

The end all be all, chicest of the chic. This is how it’s done.



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Currently Channeling: Gloria Guinness

“Chic? It is absolutely innate – I was born with it. Chic cannot be taught.” – Gloria Guinness

Once referred to as “The Ultimate” by Women’s Wear Daily, Gloria Guiness Mexican-born socialite and wife of Loel serves as my inspiration for today.


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Currently Channeling: Anita Eckberg

Swedish born beauty, Anita Eckberg, has always been my ultimate muse. Her enviable curves and golden locks took her to cult sex-symbol status and her captivating presence on camera led her to a lead role in La Dolce Vita and War & Peace. It’s hard not to be inspired by Miss Anita Eckberg. Here are a few of my favorite shots of the iconic star.

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