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In Review: Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm

BB cream or “beauty balm” is just making it’s way to the US, by way of Korea, and I could not resist trying this new skincare/make-up hybrid. BB Cream was started by dermatologists as a protectant for people who has just recieved laser skin treatments; hence the high SPF, healing & anti-aging properties, tint, and brightening properties. Dr Jart offers two variations of the cream, one called “Water Fuse Beauty Balm”and the other entitled “Premium Beauty Balm”. I couldn’t resist trying both.

I applied the Water Fuse Beauty Balm to my dry depleted skin the morning after a particularly late night out and my skin felt instantly more refreshed, hydrated, and glowing. It feels very watery and light when you apply the cream but it does stay put and offer really natural coverage. I can already tell that this one will be my favorite of the two and probably become a staple in my routine.

The Premium Beauty Balm is a bit more heavy duty. It’s chock full of anti aging peptides, adenosine (environmental protectant), and SPF 45. The formula is denser than it’s Water Fuse counterpart but still incredibly light. It too provides natural coverage like that of a tinted moisturizer. I liked the Premium BB as well but it doesn’t have that same “drink of water for the skin” feeling as the Water Fuse Balm did. One of the things that I loved about both balms is that the color is light enough to work on my super fair skin, I was quite worried as they did not offer a shade option.

Overall, BB Cream is an incredibly convienant product (sunscreen + treatment serum + coverage) and I’m so excited to see more pop up in the states (Boscia has put one on the market as well).


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