In Review: Viviscal

OK, so you know that magic hair growth pill that every single model/editor/celebrity swears by? I started taking it about 6-7 weeks ago…and it works. Viviscal is made up of vitamins, minerals, peptides, etc (all of which are natural and safe) namingly the Amino Marine Complex, Horsetail Extract (organic silica), and Acerola Cherry. Basically it’s chock full of a bunch of things that promote hair growth, strengthen the hair, nourish thinning hair, and revive lifeless hair.

Sounds kind of like a scam but I can honestly say my hair is fuller, shinier, longer, and stronger (and not just due to my genius hairstylist, Charlie Brackney). I also noticed that my nails seemed longer and stronger, pretty impressive for a few weeks time. The price is a little steep but worth it in the long run as I know I’ve certainly spent a small fortune on volumizing, strengthening, growth promoting products in my lifetime.  Right now there is a promotion on their website for one month free when you buy a two month supply, trust me, you’ll want the extra month.

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