Choisya et Narcisse

It’s quite difficult to get myself to open up to new scents. My standby for forever has been Diptyque Feu de Bois, the perfect intoxicating firewood, I have a candle in nearly every room… call me a little obsessed. Between that and my beloved Diptyque Musc and Myhrre I’m generally set. But as the weather got warmer I found myself craving something lighter, even (dare I say it)… floral. Now, I am not a floral gal, give me woody, spicy, masculine scents any day… but I thought what is the harm in trying. Upon a regular eBay search for Diptyque I came across a discontinued scent I had never seen before, enter Narcisse. Narcisse is not your average floral, it’s deep and sultry yet somehow still fresh and green. It pairs perfectly with my forgotten favorite, Choisya (or Mexican Orange Blossom). I first discovered Choisya nearly two years ago on a trip to Paris, I was in the Diptyque store on Saint Germain and was looking for something different, I went with Choisya and immediately fell in love upon first sniff. I had forgotten about the pretty, delicate mexican orange blossom in a haze of Feu de Bois but decided to reorder it this spring and could not be happier.

My other new favorite warm weather scent is Santa Maria Novella’s potpourri (pictured center). I picked up this lovely scent at Lafco on a recent trip to New York. It is the most fragrant potpourri I have experienced, it will fill up an entire room. It is hard to place the exact scent, SMN will never give away their signature age-old blend (which is all grown exclusively for this product on Florentine hills). It is something you must smell for yourself to understand.


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