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My latest beauty buys:

From top left:

A mini Frederic Malle French Lover (or Bois D’Orage): See my post here on how I feel about French Lover.

Dior Hydralife Tinted Moisturizer: I have wanted to try this for FOREVER. Shade 1 is always sold out at Sephora so I decided to bite the bullet and order it online. It feels great and has a little more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer. My only complaint (I feel this way about Dior’s foundations as well) is that the lightest shade is not very light, perhaps I am just paler than average but it feels more like a light-medium. Still, since it is a tint it can be blended out to suit my skin tone, I think it will work well in the summer.

Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil: After recieving amazing results from Rodin’s body oil and hair oil (see post here) I decided to splurge (and I mean splurge…$140…eek) on the face oil. You only need a few small drops for your entire face so it does go far. It is also incredibly important to put the oil on a slightly damp, freshly steamed face (best after a shower, or I have found a hot damp towel over the face for a few minutes works fine too). The oil is too heavy to go on a dry face. With that said, this product is absolutely amazing, after I week I have a noticable glow and my skin feels incredibly soft and hydrated. Yet another 5 star product from Rodin.

Arcona Vitamin A Complex: I had previously been using Vitamin A Complex’s sister product, Papaya Enzyme Gel which is a verison of V-A Complex for more sensitive skin but I felt it was time to work this into my routine. This packs a bit more punch than the Papaya Enzyme Gel and helps to resurface the skin and encourages cellular renewel.

Bumble & Bumble Undressing Creme: TRY THIS if you have not already, it makes for perfect tousled waves and un-done ‘dos. I am not a “hair product person” I like to keep that aspect of my routine relatively easy. This product however, is a no-brainer. A little dab throughout your locks, a little mussing, and voila… perfectly un-done.

Make Up Forever HD Powder: I really hate most loose powders, really really hate. But this is perfect, as promised, it leaves a slight sheen to the skin but insures that your make-up stays put all day. I also love that it is not pigmented, I often find most loose powders to be too yellow or orange. I am now a loose powder convert.

Smashbox Limitless Lipstain (Guava, Sangria, and Berry): I can’t stop talking about these stains. They are SUPER pigmented and stay on for FOREVER. First, I tried Sangria; upon application I was incredibly impressed by the bright berry red pigment. Then I was ever more impressed when I went out (and managed to stay out past bar close) and a friend commented that my lipstick was still perfect, I hadn’t reapplied once! I was immediately hooked and went out and bought Guava (a punchy coral) and Berry (a deep, purple-based berry). The stains also come with a balm on the other end to assure that no lip-dryness occurs and they also work as a color refresher.

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