Obsessed: Rodin Olio Lusso Hair Oil

It started with a sample of Rodin’s Olio Lusso Face Oil, innocently enough. Then, I just had to have the body oil, which I use religiously. I thought that I would give the hair oil a go since my supply of Moroccanoil was dwindling and boy, I am I glad I did.

This oil is magic, far superior to Moroccanoil (which is hard to imagine). It left my hair glossy and frizz free when i distributed a couple drops into my dry hair. Olio Lusso also worked it’s wonders on my wet strands leaving them completely smooth and silky. Not to mention, the uber chic packaging which is sadly almost enough to win me over in the first place (I am a sucker for good design). As if that isn’t enough, the addictive-smelling blend was composed in collaboration with famed hair guru Bob Recine, sold yet?

To read more about my love affair with Rodin Olio Lusso check out my post on Olio Lusso’s creator and best spokesperson, Linda Rodin.



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3 responses to “Obsessed: Rodin Olio Lusso Hair Oil

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  2. valerie

    Hi I am looking for a sample of Rodin Oil, where would I get it? mrsvlamont@hotmail.com

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