Signature Scent pt. two – Le Labo Rose 31

The first scent that I am testing in my signature scent search (see earlier blog post here) is Le Labo Rose 31. This is a rather popular fragrance from Le Labo that I have heard rave reviews about. It is actually intended for men but feels very unisex (I tend to gravitate towards masculine scents anyways). The scent feels so stikingly familiar to me but I cannot place it. The notes in the fragrance are Grasse rose, cumin, pepper, clove, nutmeg, olibanum, cedar, amber, gaïac wood, oudh wood, cistus, vetiver and animalic. It is, to say the least intoxicating. I literally cannot stop smelling my wrists, I may have found a winner. I was weary at first of a “rose” scent but the rose is barely there and not at all too floral, you get more of a dusty, spicy wood vibe from Rose 31 than a floral one. The scents only gets warmer and woodier with wear. This is definitely a fragrance I will consider buying.


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2 responses to “Signature Scent pt. two – Le Labo Rose 31

  1. Thank you so much for linking to my site! I have linked to you, too.

  2. I actually found this more etnretiainng than James Joyce.

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