Accro de la Mode

I’m such a sucker for a good fashion illustator and I think I have found just that in Accro de la Mode. Since I do not read French very well and could not find out much about this illustator/blogger through Google, all that I can gather is that she/he is a French ex-stylist and the illustrations are an absolute delight to look at. So here you are, a few of my favorites from Accro de la Mode:

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  1. anon

    There is a Google translate bar right on that website to convert the text from French to English.

    Translated bio:

    “Ex-Parisian stylist cha-ba-da, converted into a mother-to-focus-on-the-Cote d’Azur for the love of my husband and my children, imagine how I became excited by discovering, through IT, blogs Geraldine Dormoy, Garance, and now girls Nizzagirl WOW. So I start! I dragged my heels Prada at the 4 corners of the planet, and now in my small country town, I only see girls who likes fashion, did not have time to read newspapers, do not know not or what to get, do not know what a bag Jamin Puech. This blog is for them first. This blog is my bottle into the sea Also share my favorite with passionate fill my days with happiness.”

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