Savoy, Soho, NYC: In Review

I was in New York this past week for fashion week and more so than going to any shows or parties I look forward to…eating. A few days ago a few friends and I happened upon Savoy in Soho while looking for another restaurant. It looked cute but unassuming and due to too much champagne the night before we needed sustenance, and we needed it immediately. We decided to pop in and were escorted up to the second level which was cozy, comfortable, and best of all smelled strongly of firewood (my very, very favorite smell) due to the multiple fireplaces in the restaurant.

I glanced over the menu several times before settling on the squash carbonara. After a short wait I recieved a glorious bowl of tissue thin shredded squash, a generous amount of cubed pancetta with sage, and best of all a slow poached egg on top. Extremely simple, but one of the best lunches I have had in quite some time. One friend of mine ordered the rabbit soup which was on special, I sampled a little bit of the creamy, spicy, complex broth. It was delightful. I am dying to go back to Savoy to try just about everything on their ever changing and unique menu. If you are in the NY area, I would suggest a trip there immediately.


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