New York Fashion Week Favorites

To be honest, I am pretty apathetic when it comes to New York Fashion Week. I go every season for work, but seldom do I leave inspired by any one show in particular. Most of what I see is regurgated, watered down, collections that I could barely tell the difference between if I tried. But I have managed to pick out my favorite pieces, ones that I feel stand out among the rest. Take it for what you will, here are my New York Fashion Week picks:


This is my very favorite look from any collection thus far. It is beautiful, unique, and haunting. It is also SCREAMING to be in an amazing editorial. The veil is the icing on the cake.

Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso’s fur is honestly one of the only things I look forward to seeing every season. They are just beyond.


I want these pieces in my closet. I can picture having a very Little Red Riding Hood moment in this outfit, the Rodarte collection this season to me was very fairytale/folklore-esque.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors almost always puts out one of my least favorite collections every season. But this season, the 70s glamour, monochromatic looks, and flawless fur? I will dub this his *”Ode to J.Lo” collection (*also see Chado Ralph Rucci).

The Row

MK&A have done it again. Their fall collection for The Row is sublimely decadent yet somehow totally wearable.


Altuzarra had some misses this season, sure, but the hits were definitely more memorable. Slinky slip dresses with touch knee high lace up boots, great fall inspiration. The casual use of fur was fabulous (minus the stupid fur ankle cuff things on the heels…but we won’t talk about that).

Chado Ralph Rucci

Yeah, this is kind of ridiculous… I’m in love though. (*Re: Ode to J.Lo) Time to break out those pointed toe knee high 90’s boots and throw on your gaudiest fur.


Last but not least, we have Philosophy. Definitely a unique collection. I absolutely adore the 60s silhouettes and cotton candy palette. I think that all of these pieces are begging for a fabulous editorial.



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