Square One Dining (or The Second Best French Toast I’ve Ever Had)

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I stopped in (twice) to Square One in Hollywood. I had heard rave reviews about their brunch, I simply had to go. I walked in to the small, sunny, unassuming restaurant and scanned over the menu a couple of times. After vacillating between the brioche french toast and the baked eggs with braised mustard greens, collards, grits, mushrooms and gruyere I decided on the baked eggs, my friend decided to get the french toast. Once I saw his plate of buttery, eggy, syrupy brioche I was immediately jealous, (even though the baked eggs were very, very good) he was kind enough to share.

I had to go back again and fully investigate. Two days later, there we were again.

(Square One French Toast, ph -New York Times)

The french toast really is perfect. Not too sweet, the brioche also lends a great light and fluffy texture to the dish. If you are in the LA area I would definitely make this a weekend brunch destination (added bonus: they serve breakfast all day during the week, which is a huge plus if you are a late riser like myself).

The only French toast that I have had that I feel is superior, would be the broiche french toast at Gemma in New York City, which is served with a berry compote and marscapone. See my post on Gemma here. Both really are phenomonal, though.


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