Spring Ad Campaigns (and exactly how I feel about them)

I’ve gathered up the spring ad campaigns in one place to give criticism where criticism is due and credit where it is due. So here they are; the good, bad, and the very ugly.

Gucci – shot by Mert & Marcus

Models – Karmen Pedaru & Joan Smalls

Well, this certainly looks like every other Gucci as I have ever seen; Palm trees, a pool, fake tans, and tacky accesories. Well, some things never change.


Bottega Veneta – shot by Alex Prager

Model – Karolina Kurkova

I really admire Alex Prager, she is one of my favorite newer photographers yet something about this Hitchcock-ian theme does not work for me. The shot is a bit awkward and does not show the clothing in the best light.


Dior – shot by Steven Miesel

Model – Karlie Kloss

Okay, Karlie Kloss is one of my least favorite models, I do not think she lends anything to the brands that she represents BUT I will try to be unbiased about this campaign. I do not feel good nor do I feel badly about these images, they are fine but not spectacular.


Miu Miu – shot by Mert & Marcus

Model – Kasia Struss

I like this image, the styling on the other hand is not for me.


Giorgio Armani – shot by Nick Knight

Model – Elisa Sednaoui

The headwrap may have worked on the runway but does not translate in an ad campaign. This ad is one of my least favorites of the bunch, it just feels flat.


Vera Wang – photographer unknown

Model- Shu Pei

The dress in the first image is breathtaking but makes zero sense when in the next shot the model is sporting a casual quilted vest and pants.


Givenchy – shot by Mert & Marcus (is it just me or did they shoot every campaign this season)

Models – Daphne Grovenveld and Stephen Thompson

Finally someone is pushing the envelope. Riccardo Tisci cast albino model, Stephen Thompson, in the spring campaign. This beautiful, striking image has created quite a buzz.

Marc by Marc Jacobs – shot by Juegen Teller

Models – Ginta Lapina and Andrej Pejic

Again, predictable. There is really nothing more to say since this is virtually the same ad that comes out every season.


Valentino – shot by David Sims

Model – Julia Saner

I really love the intimacy of this image, I feel that it fits the brand perfectly. There is also a timeless quality to it which really struck my eye.


Tom Ford Eyewear – shot by Tom Ford

Model – Abbey Lee Kershaw

Definitely an eye catcher but it feels a bit cheap.


Giuseppe Zanotti- shot by Inez & Vindooh

Model – Anja Rubick

Also, a striking image but quite predictable.


Louis Vuitton – shot by Steven Miesel

Models – Freja Beha Erichsen, Raquel Zimmermann, & Kristen KcMenamy

I love the rick jewel tones in this shot and feel that the models were cast perfectly.




Stay tuned for more campaign updates.


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